Embrace your beauty with Stefanie Gurzanski

Every girl wants to look beautiful and uptight. Girls work really hard to maintain themselves. From visits to the salon to the right diet, it is definitely not easy. Well girls don’t worry Stefanie Gurzanski, Canadian Model and social media influencer with almost 1.8 million followers all over the world is so ready to share beauty secrets of her perfect skin. She is so beautiful with perfect skin and amazing figure that you cannot resist admiring her. She believes healthy skin is beautiful skin.

She is here with her tips and tricks from her daily routine-

· Clean-up routine- The first and most important tip. Make a daily clean-up routine. She prefers to clean her face with a gentle organic face wash, following she applies toner and moisturiser. She chooses organic over chemical based. Following a particular routine allows the skin to breathe. She also suggests using a gentle scrub twice a week.

· Never miss base gel before applying make-up- Being a model is not easy. You have to apply loads of make-up during shoots. She is strictly against applying direct make-up. Always use a coat of organic base gel all over your face before applying any make-up. It will protect and nourish your skin. Also, it will lend a glow.
· Never-ever sleep with your make-up- Do not sleep with your make-up. It is THE GOLDEN rule for beautiful skin. No matter how tired you are, remove your make-up and then go to bed. Leaving your make-up irritates your skin. One can even have rough patches. So, just take a cotton pad, dip it in cleansing oil and clear your face.

· Always choose products that suit you the best- Stephanie feels it is not a good idea to change your cosmetic preference now and then. She believes you should choose a product that is close to your skin. Just do not go on buying different ones on every purchase. It affects your skin.

· Eat Right- Yes! This is something highly recommended to her followers. She suggests avoiding junk food. She completely asks her followers to eat loads of fruits and vegetables. She tries to avoid eating fried and sweet, but she also has her cheat days.

We really hope that these simple tips will help you out big time. So have beautiful and healthy skin.

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