Enthralling people with his excellent photography skills is Gabriel Maia from Brazil.

Gabriel Maia, along with his daughter, has produced incredible photography art.

There are a set of people who run behind only one aim in life, while there are many others that believe in taking up every opportunity that may come by their way and take the chances to learn through the process and excel at those given opportunities. Most of the times, the people who belong to the latter category are the ones who are risk-takers and those who believe in going with the flow to achieve greatness. Gabriel Maia is one such name that serves as the best example of such individuals as he listened to what his heart sought and while he was still a teenager, opted to be a part of the vast world of photography, with only one aim – to capture the best and make it an art in itself.

He was born in Brazil in 1961 and at 17 years of age, he even understood what his heart sought. Hence, he went ahead in purchasing his first more advanced version of a camera of those times, the Olympus OM-2. He recalls how thousands of negatives were captured by him with this camera and how he truly enjoyed the entire process of capturing moments. While in high school, Gabriel Maia first shot football games and then would take pictures of nature and National Parks. He loved clicking at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon during those times.

His stint with digital cameras started soon after that and slowly and steadily, his interest in photography became more serious. Today, Gabriel Maia is one of those rare photographers of the world who has gone ahead in his quest to excel with his skills in photography and has made his children fall in love with the art. People initially were astounded to know that his daughter Rosiane exuded similar photography skills like her father and initially modelled for him. Later, she got herself into the industry full-fledged, learning through the process, observing the models and most importantly, taking inspiration from her father.

Gabriel Maia is also a seasonal traveller, who has fallen in love with capturing the minutest details of places, locations, destinations, nature and the environment, which is why he is well-known as an Environmental Portrait photographer. He recalls how he got to know about Photo Vogue Italia curated portfolios during a conversation with some university students. Working with his daughter, he started analyzing approved Vogue Italia portfolios and planning photoshoots to apply. They carefully planned a photo expedition in Indonesia, and even purchased the right props and went all-in to capture several thousand images on that trip, which ultimately got them approved by the Vogue Italia editors, earning a space at Photo Vogue Italia and Art + Commerce.

Travelling the world, Gabriel Maia gained newer experiences from each place, which is reflected through his photography of landscapes, scenery and environments. To find out more, follow the Instagram handle, @rosyimages.

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