Entrepreneur Rom Raviv Launched A Podcast Editing Company ‘Podblade’ At Age 19

Launching a new business requires grit, passion, and dedication. 19-year old Rom Raviv had all the three elements in just the right measures to launch his own brand Podblade.

Podblade is a whitelabel podcast editing company that makes the life of podcasters easy by providing podcast editing services at the most affordable price.

Being a host of a podcast himself, Rom Raviv was aware of the struggles that podcast hosts go through to get an episode edited and up, especially if they are new to the game.

He is the host of Spreading Success, a top ranking marketing podcast globally. Rom Raviv has interacted with world-class entrepreneurs such as Gary Vee and Grand Cardone on his podcast.

Rom Raviv’s company Podblade helps podcast editing companies get their client work done. It’s essentially a B2B model that Rom Raviv has opted for.

His company has a monopoly in the industry since there is no other podcast editing service that even comes close to the offerings of Podblade.

The most important focus of Podblade remains a.) time-bound and quality content delivery and b.) affordable pricing

Apart from podcasting and entrepreneurship, Rom Raviv is a sensation on TikTok as well. With over 350k followers on TikTok, Rom Raviv now plans to venture into YouTube and e-commerce.

Rom Raviv is the true definition of an all-rounder entrepreneur whose company is creating immense value and focusing on client satisfaction in the industry. For more information regarding podcast editing services that his company offers, check out the Podblade website.

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