Entrepreneur Sumeet Jindal funded Postman News has become one of the best media platforms in the digital media space

In the tech-dominated world, social media has taken the world by storm, and it has become one of the most vital parts of people’s life. Seeing this as a golden chance, Sumeet Jindal, the 27-year-old young entrepreneur, got an idea to develop a media platform known as Postman News, 4 years back in April 2017, which had a keen eye on the public voice round the globe. Their head office is located in delhi currently. The four-year-old venture is now able to become voice for the unheard people. The platform has helped several people to be heard as they are looking out for opportunities to reach down to the people’s hearts.

In Past 4 years, the platform has got a lot of positive reviews in terms of enhanced views and a great awareness among people. On today’s date, the venture has more than 1+ million followers, and they are looking forward to more. Currently, the newcomers don’t get a lot of chances and platforms, but Postman News has something unique without a doubt that has grabbed people’s attention in no time. Besides seeing massive growth in no time, the Delhi based business has been an excellent platform for several startups and youths. Postman news has been also partner with the events happening across the country, thanks to its growing reach and acceptance on social media. They have been media partner to more than 50+ events, festivals, championships and many more.

This year, Postman News in collaboration with The Chaupal, has also organized two awards, Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2021 and India Iconic Awards 2021. The main objective of these awards was to applaud the upcoming young entrepreneurs under various segments such as education, politics, food, social work, etc. It is to appreciate their zeal and enthusiasm in bringing significant value and notable change to their respective sectors. Postman News through these awards wanted to appreciate the unknown faces who are bringing change in the life of various people through their work.

Sumeet Jindal, the founder of postman news, is ideally a blogger, and he knew how it felt to be unheard. So the mission of his platform is to help people to tell those hidden words and give their stories a chance to get fair recognition globally. Sumeet Jindal has initially funded the podium with 1 million, and they are able to generate enough income, so they don’t need to look further for funds. These funds allow complete leadership control. He has inspired several students and also showed them the right path to make the most of their success. His words explained to people that bareness in law’s terms and can be challenging to understand at times, but it is pretty good.

The venture’s ideology is No masala, No mix” as it is all about natural news, and the founder wants the people to read nonspiced news and unchanged. There is a team of editors and experienced journalists, and they keep up with the initiative and creating a name in the world with the platform is growing like a beast. The venture is successful because it offers incredible trust to people, and it shows that people are essential to them. The only reason why people like to stay connected with the team is that they have the right attitude. All of it was possible because of the soul that if everyone comes up together, they will be creating a better place to stay. It goes beyond imagination.

Just like any other venture, it wasn’t challenging as they have faced plenty of issues. IT framework was one of the significant issues, but never giving up was the ideal practice. All we see is positivity here. Besides everything, we find several opportunities here where the new bloggers and writers need to speak. One of the most ignored parts of the society is initiative of recognition, but this platform has helped people waiting for it.

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