Entrepreneur Yashvardhan Pannu successfully helping brands to grow digitally

There are a lot of individuals who love dreaming about what they wish to achieve in life, while a few others believe in taking every action and putting every effort to turn their dreams into a reality. Unfortunately, not many have been able to place themselves in the latter category of action-takers. However, those who have done it have proved that success can be achieved by everyone and anyone, and factors like age have nothing to do with it. The digital marketing world is filled with many such young talented beings, out of which some go ahead in creating milestones in their careers, inspiring many others. Doing exactly that is yet another young digital marketing expert and entrepreneur named Yashvardhan Pannu.

Who is Yashvardhan Pannu, you wonder? Well, this Indian talent has been trying to make his mark in India. “Seeing how the digital world flourished over the years and noticing the potential of the industry for constant growth motivated me to be a part of the same. So, fearlessly, I jumped into it and today can see my dreams turning into reality,” said the 17-year-old digital marketing expert.

Pannu has been garnering more headlines recently, for he is looking forward to taking his business forward by helping brands setup a good online reputation. In a very short span of time, Pannu has been able to earn celebrity clients as well, something others of his age are still finding it difficult. This has made him their favourite digital expert.

Interestingly, Pannu began his journey at only 15 years of age and today, at 17 years, as a teenager, he has proved that age is just a number and a person who is determined to achieve success can be stopped by none.

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