Entrepreneurship is amazing and there are many reasons to it, says multipreneur Miki Dutta.

There are endless reasons to prove that being on your own is better than working elsewhere and has its own distinct advantages.

Every entrepreneur has different experiences and their story differs from each other, but one thing is common between them, and that is they strive to achieve success for their own selves, and that’s the beauty of being on your own. Some have from the beginning worked for themselves and achieved a successful career, whereas some have worked for others and gradually taken the entrepreneurial leap to succeed in their new role. Most business owners would agree on one point – being an entrepreneur is great and gives a good amount of satisfaction by working hard for yourself rather than putting in your blood and sweat to prosper someone else’s business. Miki Dutta, who has been a serial entrepreneur never agrees less, “being on your own gives full control over your destiny, you have the privilege to call the shots and make your own decisions that decides the fate of your business. Nobody can cross your path and deter your vision,” says the glorious businessman, who has built his empire on his own and is much prouder of his achievements.

Miki Dutta has excelled as a businessman having interests in multiple fields like real estate development and investments, stocks and cryptocurrencies and much more. He is the director of Bracken Real Estate, which is one of the most prominent real estate firms in the UK. He has also been actively involved in picking up distressed businesses and investing in them to revive and turn them into profitable ventures. “I was always interested in going the entrepreneurial way and since 18, have been on my own,” says Miki who can be rated as one of the top businessmen and investors in the UK. He is constantly striving to reach a much better position than he is at present and aims at establishing several seven figure businesses, and take one of his companies to the stock exchange. “Will soon see my dream turn to reality in the near future,” says Miki before signing off.

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