Even the Automotive Sector couldn’t Escape Covid

The COVID-19 trauma has led in manufacturing and distribution disruptions across the globe, due to which, the automobile industry in every sector and region has experienced a drop in demand with an unpredictable restoration timeline. 

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COVID-19 may force auto cos into more automation on shop-floor, less  reliance on labour: EY - The Economic Times

At a time when the use of open-source systems is on the rise, researchers at Kaspersky have warned that state-of-the-art hackers and crooks are rising on Linux-based units – the usage of equipment particularly designed to make the most vulnerabilities in the platform.

Additionally, OEMs have halted production across their manufacturing plants in different areas, which has resulted in a decline in stock as well as sales. Automotive-related high-tech experiments that organisations were carrying out in the different parts of the world have also been halted.

While Windows tends to be extra focused in mass malware attacks, this is now not usually the case when it comes to advanced persistent threats (APTs), in which an intruder – frequently a nation-state or state-sponsored crew – establishes a long-term presence on a network.

It Will Take More Than a Vaccine to Beat COVID-19 | The New Yorker

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