Ever thought of a floating suit? Check it out

Have you ever envisioned yourself resting while floating on the water? Yes. It’s now achievable thanks to SiiGii, a Spanish artist who created an inflatable floating costume. This latex lilo is specially developed to allow users to relax by a pool in the summer without getting sunburned.

The Floating Above Limits blow-up swimming suit is part of SiiGii’s larger collection S.A.D: Sun Allergy Diaries, which includes three layouts that seek to overcome the artist’s unique condition of being allergic to the sun.

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The contour of a black swimming suit, which covers the body, breaks up the all-white style.This piece, according to the designers, “frames the body” with its bulbous pattern. Three Boston valves have been added to this suit, allowing the wearer to inflate and deflate it as needed. This latex garment wraps entirely around your body. It also comes with a hat to protect your head from any sun allergies you may have.

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