Exclusive Interview with Entrepreneur, TedX Speaker, World record holder, and Author Khushi Panjwani

Here is an exclusive interview with the multi-talented Khushi Panjwani

  1. Tell us something about yourself

A girl with big dreams and ambitions.
3 times Works record holder to budding doctor, I’m an author(best seller),entrepreneur, 2*Tedxspeaker, Nse-certified investor, writer, digital creator, and social-prenuer.

  1. What are your startups digiXlance and Startmenoww all about?

My current startups is all about new innovation and life changing.
DigiXlance: An influencer marketing and digital marketing company with deals with all digital kinda works and provide them influencers for brand promotion.
Basically it’s a win-win situation for influencers and brands/business/individuals.
Startmenoww: A start up based advisory company which deals in providing sterior services to startups like business idea, trademark, legal services, Gst, finance and most probably the investors.
A go to guide for your start up.
My dream startup: currently working and gri ding which is going to change the world of finances and stock market completely.

Can reach out to me through: [email protected]

  1. Being a college student how do you manage your work & studies at the same time?

Being a medico, it’s difficult for me to manage things at a time, so i do multi tasking with parallel tasking. I just prepare a to-do according work preference, priority and urgency of work. And things get fall unto place with all the accuracy.

  1. How did the idea of starting your own business come to your mind?

Entreprenuership was not in my mind untill i explored my self in lockdown 2020. My keen intrest straightway moved towards finances and business. Coming from a business background and seeing my father doing great business and earning crores i urged to start something of my own.
Doing better in a field of finance and stock-market i achieved many things in the world of finances.
Certificates, medals and trophies.
Best entreprenuer of the year
Best analyst by national stock exchange.

  1. What according to you have been the biggest challenges that you’ve faced in your work life?

Finding clients and maintaining their demands in their budget as we were a startup but as soon as i modified my idea and mixed influencers and digital marketing things actually worked out like my pase.

  1. Tell us something about your authored book/books.

“book name”:
An entreprenuerial love story: love story and business go hand in hand, the duo achieved their goals nit leaving each others hand.

Basic of stock market,and golden rule of finance: From scratch to win, everything about stick markets and finances.

  1. How do you feel on having achieved so much at such a young age?

I feel so proud of my self. From the phase when i was having nothing to the point where i have my own identity and i have my own brand name, this journey is all together mine where i failed cried and stand up again to achieve my end goal. Many more to come this is just a starting.

  1. Any suggestions/advice you’d like to give to the people reading your interview?

Only one advice; if you ever wish to xo something, get up brush up your skills and step out of your comfort zome because your comfort zone is that drug which is going to kill all your dreams and will lead to be the slave of others dream.
Get up hustle and achieve the sucess which is waiting for you

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