Fahad Sharif’s “three words rule” has steered him on the success course.

Determination, Passion, and Perseverance, the three words that have formed the fundamentals of success for Fahad Sharif, the 22-year-old entrepreneur, social media activist, Founder, and CEO. A venture composed of hardships, ebbs, and lows, Fahad is the gem of the gen and has been visualized as the star, inspiring and motivating inspiring and motivating the youth of the era.

The young and venerated entrepreneur has been teaching the globe a three-word rule. Fahad’s life journey is quite out-of-norm, brimming with lessons for the youth. The now successful entrepreneur has always abided by the three-word rule. He has, with unwavering faith, believed that challenges are unavoidable, and to overcome them one needs the three-word rule which includes determination, passion and perseverance for him.

Passion works as the fuel and is the energizing force, and the determination amalgamated with passion, allows one to endeavor to achieve what one aspires for. It provides one with the power to persevere, and with the intermingledness of the three, one can achieve all they want. Fahad’s life was never a bed of roses. A college dropout, who faced reluctance from his parents, Sharif faced quite problematic days post commencement of his venture. Loss of fortune and stagnant growth was something that he extensively encountered, yet he never gave up. A dying to win attitude kept him moving forward.

The achievable reality with the three-word rule, is demonstrated by his life. Currently, the social media activist has been generating a seven figure income monthly. Through multiple ventures, he has come a long way. He has also been providing his services, comprising commendable PR, with amazing marketing and trending modern-day tech and ideas to promote businesses. Clients from 40+ countries inclusive of the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, and others have recommended his work.

The CEO and founder of Alecto Media LLC, which is a digitalized marketing company, UK-based and Travel Mag Pakistan Ltd., with the goal to revolutionize the current scenario of its clients, Fahad wishes to soon propel it to a greater viewpoint and revolutionize it into a Billion Dollar conglomerate. We wish to witness the growth of the firm that has aided many in the Digi world.

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