Farmers Protest: Demonstration outside the Indian Embassy in support of the farmers movement in London, security arrangements increased, watch video

The movement of the three new agricultural laws brought by the Modi government (Modi Govt) is being seen in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh as well as other states. When the demand of the farmers is not considered, their movement is slowly becoming fierce. However, the government is trying to convince them that they are not going to be harmed by the new law. But the farmers are adamant that they do not want this law. In such a situation, the government should cancel this law and bring some other law. Till now the farmers’ movement was being seen in India, while this movement has started being heard in Britain, Canada and America as well.

A large number of protesters gathered in front of the Indian High Commission in the British capital London to support the peasant movement on Sunday in protest against the new agricultural law. Seeing the performance of people outside the High Commission, the Police of London (London Police) has given a big boost to the security of the Indian Embassy.

Explain that the farmers have been agitating against the agriculture law since December 26. Farmers demand that the government withdraw the three laws brought in recent times. Because they are not going to benefit from this law of the government. However, farmers are not going to be harmed by the three laws brought by the government. The government is trying to convince them of all possible. But the farmers are adamant on their insistence. The farmers say that the government will not withdraw these three laws till the government. Till then, their movement will continue like this. The farmers have now called India on 8 December, being fierce about their demands.

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