First dose of Corona virus vaccine given to nurse in US, Trump said – Congratulations USA

Relief is news for Americans amidst increasing cases of corona virus. US President Donald Trump has tweeted that the first dose of Corona vaccine has been given in the US. With this, the largest vaccination campaign in American history has also started. Trump has tweeted that the dose of the first vaccine has been given, Happy America, Happy World.

In the US, on Monday morning, a nurse was given the first dose of the Corona Virus Vaccine, prepared by Pfizer and Boyontech. Please tell that about 3 lakh people have lost their lives due to Corona virus infection in America. 

In his address late Friday, US President Donald Trump said the drug maker Pfizer and Moderna’s Corona vaccine was safe and effective, saying that the country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emergency emergency corona vaccine developed by Pfizer The status is approved for use.

Significantly, a week ago Britain became the first country in the world to approve Pfizer’s Corona vaccine. A priority vaccination campaign has begun in the UK. More than 2.94 lakh people have died so far due to its infection in the US, which is severely battling the global pandemic Corona virus (Kovid-19). America ranks first on the list of Corona-affected countries in the world.

Pfizer CEO Albert Baurla said he would also be among the first few people to take the vaccine. He said, “If the CEO of the vaccine company takes it, then people will have increased confidence in the vaccine. A truck carrying the first consignment of the Kovid-19 vaccine came out of Pfizer’s manufacturing plant in Michigan on Sunday. The US drug regulator had approved the use of the vaccine on Friday. Vaccine doses will be delivered to a total of 636 hospitals and clinics by next week.

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