Fox Story India to cover trending stories of different professionals and people

FoxClues recently launched a revolutionary media platform, Fox Story India. It is being launched to focus on providing factual news for people. It will focus on getting people’s successful & failure yet motivational stories into light. It is going to excel in latest national and international updates related to Politics, Cricket, News etc. This is also a user friendly platform that lets users share their stories with the people.

Fox Story India is established to let people know the non-commercial and unbiased side of news. People have a right to getting information which is real factually. Because, the control over information shouldn’t be centralized and people deserve to know the things happening under the hood. While there is an absolute need for a medium that can divulge unbiased and relevant news, Fox Story India came to the rescue.

As per the information, Fox Story India takes interest in publishing the stories of people. It is being called as ‘the people’s platform’. It intends to publish the success stories of lesser known people to get them into limelight and also intends to publish the failure stories of people who are wiling to share them with the public, because life isn’t always flowers and rainbows. It also focuses on various kinds of news based on true facts.

We live in a digital era and getting information should have been easier than ever. However, we forgot to consider the issues such as lack of accountability and credibility of people who share information. Everyone who has access to internet is sharing something and with so much content in the internet, lack of credibility is one of the critical issues. Because, reporting news is more than just a job to earn money. It is a great responsibility to carry and people’s lives may literally depend on it, in times. Fox Story India declared that they got into the field to address and report various issues responsibly. Moreover, they wanted to create a platform that people can trust and rely upon, for knowing about something.

             It is true that the flow of information has increased enormously in the recent years and there are many dangers awaiting us. Because, we might have witnessed a lot of horrible scenarios occurring due to dubious news and information sharing. People are even losing lives due to improper flow of information. It is imperative to have a medium that we can rely upon and which is credible for what it does. FoxClues is known for its endeavours in marketing and its great to get a medium from one such trustworthy and audacious organization.

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