From A Mere Canteen Boy To An Elite Entrepreneur, Gautam Kalal Is The Talk Of The Day

The flavor life offers to taste is actually the predicament of its willingness to sustain versatile win. One can never predict what life has in store for oneself.

Gautam Kalal born on 29th September, 1982 in Zawar mines, Udaipur, Rajasthan is addressed as a winner over the hurdles race life put him in. From being a mere member of lower middle class family earning some hundred to owning thousands of hundreds per month, Gautam has redefined his journey explicitly.

Working for family suppressing the self-needs, Gautam started working in a cybercafé with his first ever encounter to the technological world. He use to learn from people around about the different utilities and aspects of technology framing a base in his overtime. He then moved to Ahmedabad and started working as a canteen boy with 600 bucks/month.

Seeing every day pass with a little change than nothing, it was one day when Gautam met his ride. He helped one of his customers with some tech difficulties which comes out to be an IT manager, who was mesmerized seeing the skills of a mere canteen boy, offered him a job at the It firm after testing him.

Clearing the challenge successfully, Gautam made his way in the IT industry. He brushed his knowledge in graphic designing, web development and other projections winning him a job at UK. Flourishing his skills and rendering triumph services in UK Gautam savored luck and success in his tray.

Returning to India, Gautam started his own venture. He is today the top data driven digital marketing consultant, an e-commerce entrepreneur, author and you tuber who trains and mentors thousands of students and professionals from various fields and holdings regarding their business ventures with innovation. He is the part of the advisory panel of business magazines and the part of various media representations.

Who believed that the canteen boy who was once mocked upon for his knowledge in technology will one day be ruling over the industry helping and training others with their technical aspect of the work? Gautam is an inspiration for all of us clarifying that no matter what and from where one is until the correct insights are traced within.

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