From joint vaccine production to Canadian FDI: Growing bilateral partnership

India and Canada are expanding their partnership from vaccine cooperation to boosting investment partnership. In the backdrop of a joint Indo-Canadian vaccine and rising Canadian investments in the country.

These views were expressed by Indian High Commissioner to Canada Ajay Bisaria at ‘Charting the future of India.

“Over the last year or so the public health crisis of course has been our primary concentration. What we saw last week was an important milestone in this cooperation. Biological E to jointly develop a vaccine, which is now in phase 3 trials in India.

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Benifits of Partnership

“This collaboration will be produced for use in India. This really speaks to the kind of collaboration we have with this country at an enhanced pace from March 2020. “We saw in the initial phases India living up to its role of the pharmacy of the world.

This February Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a call to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He talked about the chance of India sending vaccines. We continued this collaboration during the second wave.

“We have more than 1.6 million Indo-Canadians and they give a special meaning. For instance, we are really proud of the success of the Indo-Canadian heritage. Indo-Canadian heritage has had in every conceivable sector whether it’s politics, business, economics, academia, science.

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Today we have 22 members of parliament with an Indo-Canadian heritage. Three cabinet ministers with an Indo-Canadian heritage. Large number of doctors in region are handling the current pandemic happen to be those who are from India.

India has about 600 Canadian companies which are active and about a thousand companies doing business with India but it’s a two-way corridor and there are about 100 good companies from India in Canada in sectors like information technology, pharmaceuticals and so on.

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