Getbes is pursuing to become leading AI Solution provider in India.

In the next four years, we expect AI’s industry growth will start to explode and its impact on business and society will begin to emerge.
By the end of the decade, we believe the recent rapid changes in AI will eventually plant progress firmly into the AGI phase – the beginning of true autonomy. AI-powered machines and software will likely start to untether from human supervision, embarking on their fateful path as sentient beings. But this will happen much later in the distant future. In the next 4 hours, however, we believe AI’s industry growth will start to explode and its impact on businesses and society will begin to emerge.
According to our estimates, the AI industry was a USD 5 billion marketplace by revenue in 2015, a respectable size for such a budding sector. By 2025, we believe exponential improvements and broader adoption should more than double revenue to become a USD 12.5 billion industry. This represents a 20% growth rate. Assuming enterprise values/sales multiples of 10-15x, which is on par with other emerging fast-growing industries within the tech sector, AI as
a standalone industry has the potential to claim a total market cap of USD 120-180 billion by 2025.

Getbes Pursuing to be the leading AI solutions provider in India.
Artificial Intelligence is changing the world as we know it. It is said that “The day where you will have a humanoid robot who is indistinguishable from a normal person is still a long away. It’s quite hard and possibly pointless to try and recreate a human. In this era Get Bes Care Pvt. LTD is a company, which offers IT and engineering services in the form of solutions, subscriptions, products, and add ons. We create systematic formats to lead, Progress, and deliver IT solutions to businesses especially. Our team works for businesses to
generate digital assets using next-level technologies. Win-Win collaborations happen with a clear vision, so, we maintain complete
transparency in all the operations and IT transformation.

Getbes was established by two businessmen in Kolkata, West Bengal, India with an initial capital of $4000 in 2019. The team of getbes
believes in getting the best care ideology that we apply in every project to succeed. Getbes has clients like Indian Oil Corporation
Limited. We provide automation and AI-based the solution in their plant. And also UK company Fluid Stack as a client where we’re providing high-end servers to them for research work.

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