Gifted mobile phone for online classes, Tanuj Patel is becoming Sonu Sood of Gujarat

We all know that many social workers are coming forward to help such needy people. Many families are facing many problems in these difficult times. In the first and second wave of Corona, film actor Sonu Sood has stood by many people and helped them.Today we will talk about a social worker like Sonu Sood and that is Tanuj Patel, the founder of the Roots Foundation. Tanuj Patel founded a non-profit organization called “Roots Foundation, Anand” in 2016 which has been actively working day and night to provide better lives to people. The organization has worked to the effect of social causes like Tree plantation, Girl child education, Free Scholarships to Medical girl students, Free Medical check-up camps, Clothes donation, Distribution of Tarpaulin to people in Monsoon and the list just won’t end of his generosity.

To provide better medical services at an affordable rate, Mr Tanuj Patel decided to open Tsquare Hospital at Anand. Tsquare Hospital,Anand is a multispeciality hospital and provides quality care and services. He made more than 1200 corona patients getting treatment at free to nominal fees in his own “Tsquare hospital”.

Dr Sarthak Patel, team member of Tanuj Patel’s IT & Social Media stated that various social media platforms are receiving messages from people for seeking help from Tanuj Patel. Recently two student was gifted an android phone to study online and 2 unemployed men were helped by finding a job for them. Also, a tricyle was gifted to a physically challenged elderly while a family in need was helped by providing  exemption of hospital fees. This way Tanuj Patel helps every individual in need in any kind.


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