Give them a chance to change your future

They say, children are like clay, their final shape is a result of the experiences they have had while growing up. Aaditya Sengupta Dhar, is more than just a 12 year old kid excelling in school, he is a boy with a plan.

Aaditya is more than just a regular kid. He is a go-getter. He doesn’t believe in ‘just thinking’ he believes in ‘thinking beyond.’ The lockdown was a historic event in people’s lives all over the world. We all had time to think our lives over and to sit back and actually observe things happening around us.

Sitting at his home as a witness to the chaos all over, he did not let it haze his vision from the troubles faced by people from economically weak backgrounds migrating after losing their jobs during the lockdown period. He might look like a simple kid but he has a vision of a leader, one who is willing to put in all efforts to bring change around the world.

A reader by interest, Aaditya saw what nobody else did. He decided to not just wallow in his own sorrows but also pay heed to the events around him. He witnessed the struggles of the migrants and their inability to tap into their own potentials. Inspired by the successes of people like Abdul Kalam and Narayana Murthy; he wishes for equal opportunities for everybody to achieve success and unlock their full potential.

Inspired by his favourite author JRR Tolkien’s words, “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future,” he wrote his first book during the summer of 2020 “Underdogs: Legends With Small Beginnings.” The book aims to inspire kids to be strong during these tough times and surround themselves with positive thoughts. It showcases the struggles of all great personalities who did not have it easy but decided to not give up on their dreams.It also urges people to make use of their resources and be grateful for whatever they have.

The e-book is available on Amazon Kindle store and all the sales proceeds will be donated to ‘Save The Children India’ to help underprivileged kids get the chance they deserve.

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