Growing his clients to colossal levels of success is Shrey Yadav, an ace digitalpreneur of India.

He says that people need to work with a strong self-belief and never doubt their talents to achieve their desired success.

A close look around us will let us know how the world has been embracing change due to the effects of the pandemic and the challenges businesses had to face through the same. However, on the brighter side, one can’t help but notice how businesses took the help of digital media and marketing firms to regain their lost positions in their industries and rise as strong brand names. This led to the emergence of many new talents in the digital media and marketing world. One individual who made quite a popular name for himself across the field in our country is Shrey Yadav. Would you believe it if we say that he is all 16 years of age? Well, this is the truth and not just that; as a teenager entrepreneur, he has also earned a growing list of clientele.

“The key is always hard work, always,” highlights the young talent from Gurugram, Haryana, India. Shrey Yadav recalls how he did not know at the beginning the tricks and how he managed to learn all that along his journey to becoming one of the leading names in the digital media and marketing world as a digital marketer and entrepreneur. The digital space that has always shown signs of growth intrigued young Shrey Yadav to learn more about it. Hence, he first explored YouTube by making various videos and then focused on Instagram by creating creative content on lifestyle niche.

As his content creation increased, so did his followings across social media, which made him a social media influencer as well. Shrey Yadav then went ahead in becoming an entrepreneur and thus founded Glitch Digital and privilegetimes. His companies have shown great growth, which has further motivated him to work even harder and earn many more clients across niches to help all of them through his innovative digital marketing strategies and methods for getting them nearer their visions in business.

Shrey Yadav says that along with pure hard work, he also had a strong self-belief and trusted his talent to make it big in the digital world and that’s what he also advises others to do in life. Want to know more? Visit his website,

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