Hadd Beeti grips the audience with its Melancholic Pleasure, Triple S does it again!

Chapter 2: Hadd Beeti of Season 1 of musical series Pleasure of Pain has passed smoothly through the ears of music lovers as Love gripping the Heart of the Lovers. The melancholy of the intense painful moments described so meaningfully really enchanted the audience making them live those moments, though virtually.
Yes, Triple S has done it again. Binding the audience to the span of attention created through grief and love mixed together was an ultimate feat and why not, it is first of its kind! A single story riveting through 3 songs with twists so surprising, gives the whole series a meaning to wait for the end.
The screenplay has been written in such a way that the incidences in the video are interconnected to keep the audiences bound to the story. The song and the story blends so well that the time just flows away. The challenge to revolve the music on the single incidence and end it on a note to create more suspense and eagerness had been taken and fulfilled by Triple S and his team. The suspense is yet to be revealed says Triple S.
Third chapter of the Musical Series Pleasure of Pain is now the most awaited one. Audiences have wrenched their heart with the spellbound music and the lyrics to go along, the pleasure Triple S expresses through the Pleasure Of Pain are worth appreciating. Triple S further says that the last chapter would be a complete twist to all the questions there ever have risen in your heads after watching the video. This twist is what the audience is waiting for and Triple S, as always is here to deliver the best. Wait and Watch!

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