Harsh Kadam: From being a freelance Model to a Full Fledged man in this industry to be a Renaissance Man || The Unstoppable Magazine

Harsh Madhav Kadam is a model and has come a long way to try his luck in this field. He hails from Latur but is currently based in Pune. He defines himself to be a renaissance man that made him explore new and interesting things and places in his life. He often loved to explore new places and new things. He always kept designing in his mind at his back end and thus explored his personality development and later worked the same to later explored modeling.

Soon he started to try his luck in this field and then he moved along with modeling and thus he went on to start things on his own working as a freelance model. As he tried his luck in this field, he realised that he had to work hard and would need to put more effort and time in it to emerge a competent model. He made him relocate to Pune to get better exposure.  He worked on his own outfits that made him comfortable and confident.

While talking about his strengths, he calls self-confidence to be his biggest strengths and wants to pursue a lot in his field. Also, his family proves him to be his biggest strength as they supported him in this decision. Being a friendly and helpful person, he likes people who are known to have a positive influence on them. He aspires to be an inspiration for fall as he went ahead to pursue his career in the glamour industry. He is known for believing in himself – hope, trust and hard work that would bring him respect. So, what he exhorts to others and for himself is to be yourself always.

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