Harshit Bohra enters the digital world, read details.

In this fast-paced world, people are creating a lot of ways to earn money. When it comes to business, there is nobody better than Rajasthani people who are known for their sharp business minds. But looks like, they are also making a lot of noise on social media now. Harshit Bohra is just 18 and from Kishangarh . Being not so great in studies saw him join the business at a very early age of 18. Today he has gained great experience and knows all the business hacks.

However, the young man is now all set to invest in food chains and the automobile sector. “Food is something which everyone loves and the craze for automobiles seems to never die, especially among the youth. These two sectors have got the highest amount of profit margin. Keeping these things in mind, I have decided to invest in both the sectors and promote it as my brand on digital platforms.” Well, that’s a smart move by Harshit and he is all set to rock the digital world now.

He is an automobile lover. People are known for doing on-ground work and very few people work online. I hope that I succeed in making them aware of the power of digital media”, he stated. Well, his knowledge about the internet is no less than any top influencer. His only motto in life is to set goals, achieve them and not get diverted on other things. We truly applaud his achievements and hope that he establishes his name on the digital space.

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