Hattem Mattar: The first Arab Pitmaster

Hattem is arguably one of the most well-regarded pitmasters of his generation. Where else would a third culture kid get his start other than Texas. After gaining enough experience in the smokehouses around Bastrop and Elgin Texas, Hattem returned home to create something altogether on his own. Growing up watching his mother in the kitchen, he set out to create a unique mélange of global ingredients and cooking styles that he affectionately calls third culture BBQ. Now he makes this unique cuisine in the UAE, where he has founded and runs ‘The Mattar Farm’- Dubai’s first artisan smokehouse.

BBQ is a cuisine that requires you to use all your senses. It’s for that very reason that Hattem’s food does not exist on any digital delivery platform. If you’re going to eat BBQ that has taken days if not weeks. You have to come do it in person. In real life.

However, when it comes to the Mattar Farm, food appreciation comes first! As there is no denying the love and passion that can be tasted in every single sandwich that is made by the man himself, Hattem.

Hattem’s commitment, love, and passion to cuisine, has made Mattar Farm a household name between Middle East and the world. And this is just the beginning

Hattem and his menus have been featured on Esquire, CNN; from grilled dessert, smoked brisket, to underground lamb and whole smoked camel, representing the Arab world for the first time ever, at the world’s largest BBQ festival which was held in Brazil.

In the past decade, Hattem Mattar’s Farm has always been known for the intriguing and different types of smoky aromas that are constantly wafting over the fence and in the neighbourhood.

Now, Hattem looks set out to expand this aroma from one city block to the whole country and then the world.

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