“He will be part of dressing room, don’t see him in CSK first- XI in IPL 2021” : Pragyan Ojha on Cheteshwar Pujara

Pragyan Ojha, the erstwhile spinner of India, believes that the right-hand player Cheteshwar Pujara will have to wait for a long time in order to return to the sensational Indian Premier League (IPL) as the previous spinner can’t see Pujara takes entry into the first XI from CSK of IPL 2021.

An ovation was heard in the auction room as Cheteshwar Pujara was selected for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) against the base price of Rs. 50 lakh in this year. The player is chosen by an IPL team after seven years. Pujara played the IPL in 2014 for the last time and for this, Ojha has revealed his doubt whether Pujara can play in this season or not.

In 2021, the starting of the 14th edition of Indian Premier League will be on 9th April. Though the CSK team will start their journey on 10th April, against Delhi Daredevils(DD) who became runner up last year.

Today Ojha said sport, “I don’t see Pujara in the CSK first-XI, he will be part of the dressing room but I don’t see him in the first XI. Maybe he can be a replacement for somebody later on in the tournament but he won’t start”.

During the several previous Indian Premier Leagues, Pujara played only 30 matches by scoring 390 runs only having an average of 20.52 and his strike rate was 99.74 which is a matter of certain worry.

In spite of being one of the best batsmen of Test series, IPL will be difficult for Pujara as the T20 crickets’ challenges are different. However, it will be a great inspiration for the youngstars if Pujara comes back in IPL, according to Ojha, who once shared the dressing room with Pujara.

Ojha told, “Pujara is a brilliant batsman, any format you talk about he has the skill and the temperament to play. He can perform, he’s got the ability. But when we talk about T20 cricket, it is far away from Tests. You have to be very fit; the challenges are different on the field. That will be a challenge for Pujara.”

“I’m ver happy for him. He’s got his chance after 7 years so this bitself is an inspirational tale for all the youngstars that you never lose hope, things will change around,” Ojha said.

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