Hold your breath as Chris Choklate and Leeda H are up for something new again.

Chris Choklate will be launching his new record label “Choklate City Music Group” in 2022, and Leeda H will be singing under the same.

Enough has already been spoken about up-and-coming music professionals, entrepreneurs and artists, but a few among them still make sure to stand apart by choosing to do the unusual in the industry, which otherwise is too saturated and competitive with many conventional artists. To be able to start a career in the same, develop more momentum and keep walking the path to success is a very challenging task in the industry, but Chris Choklate and Leeda H’s incredible success acts as a case study for many.

Chris Choklate and Leeda H hail from Australia but definitely are the ones who have earned a fan following from across the world. The former is a DJ, while the latter, originally Adeel and now Leeda H, the backward of his name, is a rapper, composer and writer. Chris had noticed the immense talent in Leeda H, and since then, they began working together. They began working around a plan which another ace musical artist J Hind helped them with, laying down the foundation to start their careers in music.

Today, Chris has turned into a music entrepreneur with his newest record label called Choklate City Music Group, ready to be launched in 2022 by him and J Hind. Both these talented musical gems are confident of the work and the projects they would be undertaking through their label. Leeda H is equally excited as he would be featuring with Raxstar for a UK Australia connection, a new song that would be released under this new platform.

The much-talked-about track is said to be Leeda H’s first drill track for which both Chris and J Hind are looking forward to. Choklate City Music Group’s logo is just as unique as its name, which is derived from Chris Choklate’s name and the word City, which was added by J Hind.

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