How CEO and entrepreneur Kadda Sheekoff wants to help Haiti

Kadda Sheekoff, co-founder and CEO of Kaddafet, a small company that will be open in Somerset New Jersey to sell sneakers to help kids in the street of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

His passion has always been investing, and seeking new opportunities. 

People usually do not realise how difficult it is for investors to know the market properly come up but Kadda Sheekoff has achieved a lot through his research knowledge.


Kadda Sheekoff grew up in a small town in Haiti. While he was a kid, he could not afford to buy a pair of sneakers and this determined him to love fashion. We can admit that this was the starting point of his goals and dreams. At 19, Kadda bought his first pair of sneakers and since then his collection is still growing. 

 After hours and hours of staying in lines in order to have the pair of sneakers always wanted and after making the right connections, in late 2020 he transformed for the first time his passion into a business. Kadda Sheekoff is planning to opens his very first online sneaker.

Kaddafet will be Kadda Sheekoff first Company, The reason behind the Shoes company is to help kids in Haiti through his Foundation KaddAffection.

In fact, even though a lot of people have years of experience in this particular field, they cannot usually express it through their businesses. However, Kadda Sheekoff is a man of great values and his years of experience into this field has allowed him to be a complete expert.

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