Immaculate vision and unaverred passion have made Lina Faroussi craft some of the finest artworks.

Lina Faroussi’s brand “Lina’s” has set the bar for printed artworks, creating a dedicated following of her art and paintings.

Artists of this century have evolved with the passage of time and the taste of their audiences. Artists dedicate most of their time in life to creating something which creates a legacy, something which is of great meaning, and/or something that the audiences will remember for a long time. To attain success in the arts & painting world, one needs to have an immaculate vision and extraordinary passion. One artist who has created a legacy of her own with these powerful attributes is Syrian-Canadian artist Lina Faroussi.

Lina Faroussi is an accomplished visual artist and a painter born and brought up in Syria but now resides in Toronto, Canada. During her childhood, she witnessed the impact created by the war. In Egypt, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, but she knew her true calling was arts. She has studied visual art in different institutions throughout the years, slowly gaining momentum to realize her dream of staging solo exhibitions worldwide.

Lina Faroussi’s paintings depict abstract and figurative art, showcasing human figures stretched, tinted, and textured into otherworldly creatures, possessing real emotions. Her success in this art form is her vision and unaverred passion, which help her boost her creativity and compel her to innovate more. Her works in acrylic, along with fabric, Japanese paper, clay, sand, etc., added another layer to her paintings. Her art has been on the receiving end of various art awards and certifications and being published many times in international art, books, magazines, etc.

With the advent of time, Lina Faroussi’s vision also evolved and she began using the digital medium to appropriate use. In 2018, she launched a new brand, “Lina’s”, which offered Lina’s past works in a printed, digital format. She would print on different forms of fabric, starting with wearable art, and after gaining success in the field, she has also started providing it on home interiors. Lina also believes in having a spiritual connection with a work of art. All her paintings are visually and spiritually emphatic, making her craft authentic.

Lina Faroussi has forayed upwards in her field and has attained glorious success after getting a wide acceptance of her paintings and artworks.

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