In conversation with one of the youngest social media entrepreneurs of the US – Nafez Husseini

Being honest at work and putting in constant efforts, working with persistence has allowed the young talent to make his unique name in the industry.

No matter how much ever we discuss stories of how young talents across the globe are making the world go round and astounding people with their enormous efforts and creativity in work, it always feels more talks need to be held around them. This is because the world must know the journeys, struggles, failures and successes of these youngsters, who, instead of losing hope in life, used those failures as stepping stones in life to reach the next level. Nafez Husseini’s life story is one such, where he kept moving on his path with his determined aim and today is the owner of his rising most advertising, marketing and consulting firm named ‘Authority Media LLC’.

We got in touch with him to know more about him, his business and what keeps him unique in the industry.

• Tell us about your journey.
I grew up as just another boy in Jordan and life took me to different expeditions, where I was placed in Houston, Texas, as a 7-year-old. By 13, I was already in the digital space growing Instagram accounts and by 16, opened my social marketing agency. I learned from Texas State University for two years and then shifted to Alabama to earn my Marketing degree from The University of Alabama. Getting a job in Denver made me realize that I was born to do something else, to create something of my own and provide value to people through my work. This took me towards entrepreneurship in the social media world and here I am today, residing in Houston, Texas, as an owner of my social media company named ‘Authority Media LLC’.

• What does Authority Media LLC do?
It is a social media company, founded in 2020, but rising each day with making clients reach a unique position in their fields, optimizing incredible advertising, marketing and consulting services and campaigns. The company is driven by its aim to scale clients and help them generate their desired revenue through social media. In the process, we utilize millions of followers and global campaigns and grow companies by using targeted campaigns for them to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

• What makes you unique in the industry?
Through the partnerships I have established so far, I have created a sustainable competitive advantage and also focus on working harder each day to grow as a professional and individual.

• What do you look for while building a team?
First, I hire top talent by handpicking people after noticing in them the hunger that I have for attaining success and build a team that I believe can effortlessly make things happen. I look for dedication, commitment and perseverance in people, as that’s what has helped me reach where I am today.

Nafez Husseini’s success in the digital world can also be attributed to his strong purpose in life to succeed no matter what, which has thrust him forward in the industry. To gain more insights, visit the website,

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