Inspiring entrepreneurs to do better in life as a rising podcaster and philanthropreneur is Marc Angelo Coppola

Whether it is his online school, his farms or podcasts, the Canadian entrepreneur has been inspiring change through actions and questions.

No matter how much ever we speak about various entrepreneurs of the world, and how they been changing the game of business for the better, it always feels that much more discussions are needed around them as they go ahead in not only making it huge in their careers but along the process instill more hope, positivity and inspiration in others. One such young man and mind who has been creating success stories by inspiring change through his various initiatives is Marc Angelo Coppola. He hails from Montreal, Canada and started working as a marketer with his agency. Little did he know then that life had much bigger plans for him, where he could inspire change and greatness and help many entrepreneurs through his one of a kind online school, in the form of Superhero Academy.

He became a farmer to take people towards healthier lifestyles and also broaden their mindsets about entrepreneurship and storytelling, motivating them to do better with their lives. Marc Angelo Coppola went ahead in co-founding Valhalla Coop farms, which is an all-natural market garden and permaculture farm, spreading more positivity, sustainability and seeds of change. He has earned unique success in his career as a farmer, philanthropreneur, storyteller and podcaster through unconventional ways and initiatives of his, applying the skills of entrepreneurship and storytelling for a cause, which he learned from building a community on a farm outside of Montreal.

Marc Angelo Coppola also serves as the sales and marketing director and a farmer at Valhalla Farms. For helping people create their self-sustaining lifestyle and build a movement, he created Superhero Academy Podcast, through which he tried to take out the best versions of people with the help of his podcasts which are real-life conversations with real-life success stories, encouraging other entrepreneurs to become engaging and dynamic storytellers and an inspiration to the world. He is also a mentor and investor and has constantly climbed up the ladder of success in entrepreneurship.

By mentoring promising and passionate entrepreneurs, Marc Angelo Coppola wishes to help them turn their passion into lucrative professions for them. As a co-owner of Valhalla Farms, he is working towards transforming an 80+ acre farm through the power of storytelling and regenerative agriculture for building a thriving all-natural ecosystem, inspiring a robust community of passionate agricultural producers and entrepreneurs for building the farm of the future.

Through his podcasts, Marc Angelo Coppola has been creating the other ROI – Ripple of Impact and helping people turn into superheroes. To get connected with him, follow him on Instagram @marcangelocoppola and visit his website,

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