Ireedui Gantogtokh(IZ) Turning Childhood passion into Profession

To plan your future and discover your abilities is a big task for every individual. Shaping your capabilities and turning them into true potential is a job that needs utmost passion and with such passion from childhood, Ireedui Gantogtokh turned his potentiality into the profession.

Ireedui Gantogtokh aka IZ is a 21-year-old renowned mastermind entrepreneur who developed entrepreneurial spirits from a very tender age. From childhood, he acknowledged his passion and determination for computer and gadgets which he later turned out into profession.

Realising his capabilities, he led to the advent of a company known as Meborny. It was Ireedui’s first initiative towards the Entrepreneurial block, leading to a company of his own. Being a computer geek himself he developed the company in the same line. Meborny which established in September 2014 is a online platform known for educating young computer geeks. The company has served and satsified around 7000 customers till now.

Speaking of his qualifications and knowledge, Ireedui has successfully completed his Information Technology Engineer degree from the Mongolian University of Science and Technolog. He has  pursued  Masters in Business Administration (MBA) rom the University of Cambridge. Apart from his qualifications he develops various and knowledge in the field of Social Media Marketing, Cryptocurrency, E-commerce, Software Development, Influencer and much more.

Ireedui has a mind full of creativity which is reflected on his YouTube channel. His channel has a series of various motivational and inspiring videos relating to his struggle and success stories. He also shares a series of podcasts wherein he talks about life and career experiences. These podcasts can be accessed on platforms like Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

Ireedui is a achiever, an unstoppable man who aspires to reach the limitless skies. He has achieved three companies on his name which are Meborny,, and These companies are the result of effortless chores done by him. He has recently worked at one of the biggest brands- LG Mobile and many prominent platforms.

Ireedui not only a professional but also a societal person who works for the betterment and upliftment of society. For this, he made an initiative of Meborny Foundation which states that it is going to invest 1.4$ Million in 2022 for the education of students.

Ireedui is a multi-talented personality who is a passionate worker and entrepreneur who has exuded determination and dedication in all that he has done in his career.

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