ITV’s latest show Love Bites will feature the popular Harrow reality star Robbie McMahon.

He will be seen showcasing his culinary skills to win over female participants in the show.

20-year-old Robbie McMahon is all excited about his new show that goes on air this month on ITV titled Love Bites. He says that this is the most interesting project he has done so far in his career as it has a distinct flavor to it which will get it noticed by a wide audience. So what’s so exciting about this project, we ask the man himself. “It’s a unique format which has never been seen earlier and is bound to impress the viewers till no end. The show is about three competitors vying to get the attention of ladies by displaying their culinary skills and cook for them. The one who makes the best meal and impresses the women make their way to the top,” says Robbie.

This young model and reality star from Central Harrow has been around the modelling and reality TV space for quite some time now and has garnered an impressive fan following. His 43,000 strong followers on Instagram proves this point. He’s among the young breed of successful individuals who have been noticed for their dynamism and ability to generate a strong buzz around them. The story about his love affairs when published by Daily Mail have him the much-needed publicity, and he was offered numerous plum projects as that episode had brought him to limelight.

Before he stepped into the entertainment industry he was a personal trainer in Harrow and Pinner for more than six years and got into modelling only in 2018 having worked with some big brands like FENDI and ZARA. His popularity kept rising, and soon he was a part of the reality show Dress to Impress on ITV. What followed were a number of shows like ITV’s Dinner Date, BBC just one night and MTV Geordi Shore – Hot Single Summer. Robbie has done reasonably well in his professional career and is now concentrating on building a modelling agency which would help aspiring models get a proper break in the modelling industry.

To know more about him, follow his Instagram: @robbiemcmahon_.

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