Jamie Lee Curtis shares a new picture from the set of the Borderlands

New picture from the arrangement of Borderlands makes fun of Jamie Lee Curtis’ time as the Activia representative. The Borderlands establishment began in 2009 when 2K and Gearbox delivered the main game on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The first was commended for its story and ongoing interaction, which brought about three principle spin-offs. A Borderlands film has been in progress since 2015 yet was authoritatively reported in February 2020 when Eli Roth endorsed on to coordinate.

The advertisements have become a notorious piece of Curtis’ vocation, which has followed her to the Borderlands set. Curtis as of late presented an image on Instagram of her trailer with a cup of Activia. Curtis’ post causes it to appear as though somebody left it for her on set as a joke, helping her to remember her “inside standing in America.” The entertainer’s post can be seen underneath:

With antibodies beginning to carry out the nation over, Borderlands began recording toward the start of the month. The beginning of creation was uncovered with a picture of Roth and Ariana Greenblatt, who will play Tiny Tina, veiled up on set. Since shooting has authoritatively started, there will probably be more uncovers in the coming months. The keep going update on the computer game variation came from Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford, who uncovered the Borderlands film would not be set in a similar universe as the game.

Curtis’ post lamentably doesn’t actually uncover anything about Borderlands. In any case, it affirms she is on set to film her scenes as Dr. Tannis. Future set photographs will probably give fans a thought of how the variation of Borderlands will look, yet Curtis just shared this picture to ridicule her time as the Activia representative. While it has been longer than 10 years since Curtis began doing the Activia advertisements, it’s acceptable to realize the entertainer can in any case take a joke.

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