Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says The Story May Proceed After The Walking Dead Airs Its Last Scene

Jeffrey Dean Morgan says Negan’s story may proceed after The Walking Dead airs its last scene. Morgan’s character and his notable security fencing polished ash, Lucille, have been significant players since their presentation in the season 6 finale, which prompted the fierce passings of Glenn and Abraham. Following the occasions of “Hard and fast War,” the loss of the Saviors, and Negan’s about seven-year detainment, the charming rival has been on a redemptive bend; basically making up for himself to everybody except Maggie who, justifiably, can’t get over Glenn’s passing.

This isn’t the first run through Morgan has alluded to the chance of a Negan side project arrangement which wouldn’t be a first for the Walking Dead universe. The show’s ubiquity has effectively prompted two side project arrangement including Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond just as the impending Daryl and Carol side project and collection arrangement, Tales of the Walking Dead. What’s more, the impending Walking Dead motion pictures, investigating Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) takeoff from the arrangement, starts shooting soon. All things considered, the entirety of The Walking Dead’s significant players appeared to be ready to “endure” the show’s last season and Negan could show up in any of the previously mentioned projects.

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The Walking Dead’s last bend, similar to the funnies, gives off an impression of being managing The Commonwealth. The arrangement has a background marked by subbing storylines and may do exactly the same thing with Negan. Now, Maggie needs Negan dead, and executing him feels like the correct method to finish off his redemptive circular segment. In any case, rather than having Maggie do it, the scholars may choose to give Negan Rick’s storyline from the funnies. This would permit Negan to go out as a saint and fuel energy for an arrangement/film investigating a greater amount of Negan’s history prior to meeting Rick’s gathering. Regardless of whether he lives or kicks the bucket, a lot of storylines will reach a critical stage when the last season closes in 2022.

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