Jonathan Seller: Converting businesses into profitable ventures online with his ‘Irresistible Marketing Workshop”.

The ingenious and innovative digital entrepreneur puts in his 100% efforts and dedication in growing brands and businesses online.

When we closely notice around us, we would find so many young talents and powerful minds who have taken over major parts of various business industries all because of the newer concepts, business models, and ideas that help them stay up on the game always. So many individuals have lately also realized the importance of the online world that helps them carve a different niche for themselves. Coming forward with his passion and determination is yet another influential mind, Jonathan Seller from the state of Michigan. He is the new age investor and entrepreneur of the digital marketing world who is gradually leading to the top in the sector.

Since the beginning, Jonathan knew that the entrepreneurial world is something that he needs to explore to open up many new opportunities for not only his growth but also the growth of all the brands and businesses he would work with. Hence, he decided to leave his job where he worked as a Worship Pastor and Church Planter at Christian Ministry in the US. This decision of his changed his life completely and gave him a chance to change the lives of others as well in the business industry with the magical power of the digital world.

Jonathan today is the founder and CEO of two companies namely “SecondTri Media”, which has been created to build and develop brands online and “Amazon AutoPilots”, which is one of the leading Amazon automation service providers, where Jonathan helps customers make a decision and assist them by answering their questions, relating to the service, associating them with the best provider for automating their Amazon store.

Speaking about his company SecondTri Media, recently it has come up with a distinctive framework called “Irresistible Marketing Workshop”, which helps people, entrepreneurs, brands and businesses to increase their momentum and grow themselves online in ways more than one.

This is done under the leadership of Jonathan who makes sure that the workshops that he hosts with a team of other experts as well help to infuse in the right energy and confidence in his clients so that they get a clear path in understanding and developing their clear brand message and grow to much higher levels through the online world with the right kind of planning, strategies, content creation, social media marketing, online videos and much more that Jonathan through his company provides.

These workshops have the potential to alter the visions and thoughts of entrepreneurs and brands to improve their strategies on social media and the online world and set a firm foot into their respective fields gaining more opportunities to grow their business.

Irresistible Marketing Workshops are an all-day event and are for all those who wish to grow their influence online for gaining more name and recognition through powerful digital marketing.

Jonathan as a visionary is also making efforts to be back after the lockdown ends due to the pandemic with his workshops to host and help businesses and brands again with his expertise and experience to swiftly grow them by helping them achieve all their business goals and desires. For this, he has also purchased 5 acres to hold group retreats and host many entrepreneurs and workshops to multiply their influence online.

Jonathan Seller serves as an inspiration to many other aspiring entrepreneurs in the world with his ‘irresistible’ workshops that only aims to make its clients go upwards and onwards in every possible way in the online world.

Visit the website to know more about the workshops, and follow him on Instagram as well –

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