Kaka Sahil Thakral “Social Digital Entrepreneur”: Recognising social problems and achieving a Social change through his Ideas in Digital Era

A saying goes that, “Almost everything great has been done by youth” and undoubtedly, Kaka Sahil Thakral is a perfect example who fits in this quote. Kaka Sahil Thakral is one of the youngest candidates from Jamalpur, Bhiwani Haryana who completed his graduation from Kurukshetra university in 2014 and contested in Lok Sabha election 2019 From Hisar as a candidate for Sapaks party and Vidhan Sabha election from Hansi Vidhan Sabha constituency in 2019 at the age of 25 and became state president at Samanya Pichra Alpsankhyak Kalyan Samaj (Sapaks ) party, an organization protesting quotas and the atrocity act. He is one of the youngest talented leaders and social entrepreneurs in many professional fields such as brand management, brand creation, and political marketing consultant where he mainly focused on advising, assisting political campaigns, development, and production of mass media ( mostly tv and mails).
He was also awarded as Best digital marketer of Madhya Pradesh in the year 2019 by Research Foundation in India & Once again Honoured by Minister Shri Jitu Patwar Ji in which Sahil Ji mainly focused on the core of academic and supportive staff and a large network of senior academics in higher education. He brought rebellion to the Indian digital market with his great mindset and creative skills.
According to him, India has the largest number of companies and it’s obligatory to be aware of digital marketing to survive in this digital era. He is the CEO and founder of Make digital world easy(MDWE)- a google partner badge digital marketing firm that refers to advertising delivered through search engines, websites, emails, and mobile apps. The main motive of their companies is to endorse goods, services, and brands. Being an expert in digital marketing at the world easy he trained over 500+ professionals in this field by his brand institute and IDEMI Mumbai and MSME Agra. With his creative skills and unmatchable dedication, he crossed the One Billion dream turnover just in eleven months.
He is one of the most honest politicians with no criminal history and assets which everyone wants for up-gradation and betterment of this society and nation. At the last, I must say that our youth team promotes a strong connection between young people and the community and we need potential leaders and promoters like kaka Sahil Thakral who have the energy and motivation to contribute to this nation.

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