Kanishka Sharma- the new-gen dancer and choreographer who is stealing everyone’s heart

In today’s day and age where people change faster than the weather, being fast is the need of the hour. Swiftness enables us to do multiple things and given the current availability of resources, it’s about the intent to do things, not the opportunities or the resources because they are definitely there in this age of globalization. Today we talk about Kanishka Sharma, a person of multiple talents who is winning hearts on and off the internet.
Residing in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, Kanishka Sharma is 25 year old professional dancer who also works as choreographer. To claim that she is a person of many talents will be a grave understatement. Be it dancing, fashion designing, modelling or blogging through her YouTube channel, she does it all. And she has been for a long time too. While social media does have its set of cons, it does push people to take up different things and helps them hon their skills with absolute excellence.

It’s needless to say that of all of the things she does, the thing that has Kanishka’s heart is dancing. She has been covering Bollywood songs on her YouTube ever since 2016. Kanishka Talent Hub has been around for about 5 years and by this time it has notched up over 887,298,857 views. The main attraction around her channel are the several dance covers of multiple popular Bollywood songs, some of them particularly going viral because of her massive following on TikTok.

Currently sitting on 2.5 million subscribers, Kanishka’s channel seems is like it is only on the rise. We can truly consider her to be an artist with just the perfect amount of charm with the adequate blend of hard-work involved. Everyone who follows her have been extremely appreciative and supportive of her work and that is her motivation behind what she does. She knows how much her fans look up to her and she just wants to keep on uploading content that they appreciate. She currently has 33.5 million likes on TikTok, where she uploads most of her content, re-emphasizing on the fact how appreciated she is by her supporters. To add to that, she has 168K followers on her socials where she keeps on uploading photos and drills regularly.

But things didn’t come easy to her. In the year 2015, Kanishka lost her mother and quite naturally, she was quite broken after it. There was a time when pursuing her dreams seemed like a distant reality to her. But that didn’t stop her. She knew that her mother definitely wouldn’t have wanted her to give up on something she is so good at. And 6 years later, she is quite a star.

And her work hasn’t gone unnoticed by the people back there at Mumbai too. There she is famously known as the Laung Lachi girl, attributed to a very popular video of hers which garnered over 360,000,000 views, showing exactly why she is quite the sensation on the Internet. It’s definitely needless to say at this point that this young lady has a very long way to go. Her work is already making the waves and her collaborations with likes of Shilpa Shetty, Jaqueline Fernandez and Neha Kakkar is a testament of that fact. Not to forget the fact that she performed with the YouTube icons like CarryMinati, Bhuvan Bam and Harsh Beniwal at YouTube fanfest 2019.
Follow Kanishka on: https://instagram.com/kanishkatalenthub?utm_medium=copy_link

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