Lekha Prajapati misses the on-set vibes after shooting from home

The Bigg Bull and Class of ’83  actress Lekha Prajapati got busy with her acting schedule after the covid cases started seeing drop. However amidst the busy shooting she still misses the on-set shootings. She often mentions this because she got to explore the city of Mumbai during her last visit.

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“For social media work, brand projects, and digital projects, I am shooting with a crew or self-shoot on mobile. So, the  urge of being in front of the camera is being actually fulfilled but I am  missing the ‘mahaul’ of being back on set! That action is something which I feel every actor is lacking these days,” says the actor.

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As far as her previous visits are concerned he had a good time exploring the busy Charbagh market and the Chowk. There were a couple of shots and scenes there and she enjoyed with her co-star Santush on a bike ride.

The best thing is that she is done with her vaccinations and ready set go for her work mode. She thinks that the pandemic might stay but people have to keep working . This is something which most peopek might have realized by this point of time. For more updates on Bollywood, stay updated with the recent posts of The Midget Herald.

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