Lena has proved that one can fight adversities of life and emerge a winner with positive outlook.

Having fought through bouts of chronic illness all her life, she has marched ahead and succeeded in her endeavours.

Lena is Ukrainian born who migrated to the United States in 1996 for a better future. She has battled chronic illness all life but that has not dampened her spirits, and she has always faced the difficulties that came her way with utmost courage. One needs to have a tough mind set to face such adversities of life which Lena has experienced. Such was the extent of her medical condition that she had to be bound to a wheelchair for a major part of her life. It’s only her positive attitude that made her wade through rough waters and reach her destination.

Lena has generated much buzz online with her Instagram account brimming with more than 4 million followers. What makes her a preferred online personality is her acute fashion sense which has several admirers in the form of netizens. Her Instagram account is full of enchanting pictures of hers donning the trendiest clothes in vibrant colours which spread a kind of positive aura around you. “Colour is life and that’s what makes life worth living,” says the fashionista whose mesmerizing photographs shot amidst the best of the worlds locations makes fans asking for more. What’s interesting is that Lena has not disclosed her identity making people wonder who’s the beautiful face those breathtaking captures. Her newly launched website contains her interesting blogs which are spread across various niches like food, travel, beauty, wellness and fashion. It has also generated an equal amount of buzz just like her Instagram account. Her expertise is well displayed through her writings which are guaranteed to keep the readers engaged owing its interesting content. Her blogs have already found a niche audience who vouch for her impeccable work. Lena has been successful in creating a distinct path for herself which has led her career zoom on a different level.

Her Instagram journey has been interesting, as on her way she met a lot of interesting people who were passionate about fashion. She didn’t expect that her popularity would soar to such heights and make her a distinguished fashion influencer that she is at present. She has fought all odds and reached this position after facing multiple health setbacks, which is truly inspiring for many.

To know more about Lena, follow her on www.instagram.com/panthere_instyle

Alternatively, visit her official website www.lenasworld.com

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