Manish Kashyap – Man behind revolution in North Indian Fitness Industry

Despite all of his success till date in the Indian health and fitness scene, Manish Kashyap has no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, he is refreshingly optimistic, not only for his business, but also for the North Indian fitness industry. He firmly believes in delivering opportunities for physical fitness which are increasingly accessible to anyone who is willing to work hard and going forward.

By launching GYM13 , Manish Kashyap redefined the paradigm in various state, bringing to the fore state’s unique qualities as a center for health and fitness in North India. With 1500+visitors product demos, celebrity interactions and key highlight features such as Miss & Mr. Himachal has succeeded in delivering an experience like none other. By bringing the international bodybuilding platform to Himachal Pradesh. Manish Kashyap has ensured that himachal athletes have an opportunity to present themself on bigger platform.

Besides promoting local Talent, he has made concentrated efforts to bring down the who’s who of the global fitness industry to the GYM 13 , highlighting Himachal pradesh on the fitness industry’s map. Manish Kashyap has already set the ball rolling for an all-inclusive and ecological transformation of the fitness industry by providing exhibitors value for money and countless prospects for manifesting business and brand reinforcement.

In the year 2018, Miss and Mr. Himachal event was organized by Manish Kashyap which had the youth fitness icon Sahil khan as it’s guest for the event. The event was conducted at Gaiety theatre Shimla. More than 200 participants actively took p
Manish Kashyap is trying his best to level up the body building competitions in north India by providing best platform and facilities to the participants.

We are looking forward to such more body building events organized by him and wish him luck.
art in the show. The event was grand and a tremendous success. It completely enthralled the spirits of young minds.

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