Marc Angelo Coppola: Building his network and changing fortunes as a Storyteller, Philanthropreneur and Influencer in Canada and Worldwide.

The digital platform has given us an excellent opportunity to express and share our talents with content creators worldwide. Today, an exuberant amount of people read, listen and watch inspiring stories and learn a lesson from it. We have seen many rising names in this growing industry of Podcasters, storytellers and Philanthropreneurs who influence people to live a better life by giving solutions to their questions.

Marc Angelo Coppola, a young farmer from Montreal, Canada, is on the list of top influencers online today in Canada. This young man started his journey as a farmer but quickly realized that he was not born to do just that.  Through sharing inspirational stories of his experiences around the world, he slowly became one of the top podcasters in Canada. His Superhero Academy podcast is a favourite, and provides real-life conversations without filters with top entrepreneurs and their personal journey to success. 

Marc Angelo started this educational platform to keep audiences charged up and inspired despite the global pandemic. It has been challenging for everyone, and we need some excellent boosts to get back to work with confidence, and to stay focused on achieving things we dreamed about before covid-19.  Marc Angelo has always felt that one could quickly solve problems in life by just listening and learning, and he wants to help audiences who are not able to find their way in life. Primarily, he wants to give confidence to entrepreneurs in 2020 so that the world economy can once again get back on track.

His concept has touched hearts across the world, and today he is rated as one of the top podcasters and Philanthropreneurs in Canada. 

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