Maria Slusnyte reveals the 3 pieces of wardrobe that she would never give away

Popular international model Maria Slusnyte is one star who loves to dress up in a classy way. While she is well-known for all sorts of racy photoshoots and more, in real life, she likes to dress up in a distinguished way. The diva loves to carry herself in a graceful manner and likes to enhance her feminine side on social media.

When it comes to fashion, her heart belongs to the popular fashion brand Chanel and her choices in accessories is all about keeping it simple and sophisticated. Though she can be seen trying out different looks in her fashion photoshoots, her fashion staple includes black classy trousers, a silk shirt and a pair of neutral-coloured heels.

The diva says, “That’s basically my everyday outfit.”

Her fashion choices are dominated by an element of feminity and elegance. While there are certain fashion trends she swears by, there are also few fads that she is not fond of.

Interestingly, according to the model she can relate to the big trainers or weirdly shaped shoes, but she can’t understand or try out those maxi oversized jackets. Another beauty trend that doesn’t work for her is long square nails as they scare her.

For Maria, the idea of beauty is related to harmony and aesthetics. This also reflects on her career choice of being an Aesthetician. While many regard her as a social media influencer, the diva doesn’t believe in the label. In fact, she says, “People say I inspire them to live a healthier life and take care of themselves. That is the biggest compliment to me.”

Throughout her career, she has maintained the perfect image of being the face of grace and style all over Europe. After all, being the 2017 Miss Europe comes with its own prestige.

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