Mark Elliott, Iconic Voice of Disney Movie Trailers, Dies at 81

The global voice of Mark Elliott for Disney’s movie trailers, television promos and home videos during the late 1970 to early 2000 has stopped forever. Though he is not very famous by his name & face, it is a tremendous news for his voice lovers.

Elliott passed away on 3rd April, Saturday in a hospital of Los Angeles as he was suffering from two heart attacks; his friend cum co-voiceover artist Charlie Van Dyke told the press. He was suffering from lung cancer too. Van Dyke said, “He was one of a kind…and kind is a great word to describe him.”

Elliott’s warm comforting voice for the Disney products has made him famous around the world while he has been heard in a few of the movie trailers and promos both for CBS and Fox starting from 1980 to 1990.

An another co-voiceover artist Joe Cipriano learned from him “two things about promos- never take a vacation and never buy a home based on voiceover income.” which he has penned in a Facebook post.

Being born on 24th September, 1939 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Elliott commenced his career as a disc jokey for commercial radio in his hometown in 1957. He worked for several stations in Iowa, Ontario, San Francisco and Ohio and stpped in Los Angeles in 1970. While he was working for the radio station of San Francisco, he had been given the name Mark Elliott for the first time.

His first paid work was the voiceover of the trailer of Smokey and the Bandit. Before this starting, he worked for radio throughout 20 years. His work in movie trailers spreads his talent in the whole Hollywood.

He said, “Radio is a great background because it gave you a sense of time. If you had seven seconds at the beginning of a song to talk it up, you learned to know what seven seconds were.”

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