Mathieu Tyler Jang: World Famous Serial Entrepreneur Talks about the role of Personal Development in his Journey

The pearls of wisdom that you receive from an experienced and successful entrepreneur is almost incomparable to any other wisdom that you’ll receive. And why is that? It is because very few people go through the intensely hard and lesser travelled path of risk and uncertainty and in the process they learn things that most of us might never learn.

Mathieu Tyler Jang is possibly the world’s most renowned serial entrepreneur who is an Internet marketing specialist. Jang took to internet marketing when it wasn’t even fully developed and used as much as it is today. The risk that he took manifested into Jang building his own empire of a successful business venture which has since generated over $100-million in online sales for his clients. Jang’s venture has also helped hundreds to thousands of people start their online businesses and gain a competitive edge in the market. In today’s date, Jang remains one of the very few marketing specialists who are authentic and adequately skilled to  help you sell your product better and identify your true target market.

Mathieu Tyler Jang’s journey has been one of immense difficulties. Since childhood, he had seen hardships and knew that he had to do something big to eliminate them from his life. Despite living in such conditions, Jang didn’t develop a mediocre mentality. He worked at minimum wage of $9 per hour at a butcher shop but somehow that also didn’t deter him from his dream of travelling the world and achieving phenomenal success in life. Things after things followed and Jang came across an advertisement on Facebook through which he met a mentor who guided him to the world of paid advertisements and how they help businesses. Since then, it was just Jang and his father’s laptop on the kitchen table. He kept working hard and developing a skill set needed to launch a venture to help other businesses come online and start generating the revenue and tap the untapped markets.

Jang says, “My mother asked me to watch “The Secret” and I remember thinking how stupid it was. Somehow I couldn’t come to terms with the idea that mere “positivity” will take you far in life and help you realise the big dreams of abundance that you have. In retrospect, I think my mother was very right. Positive thinking is an important factor in the journey of success. This is because the journey is often full of turmoil and there are times when you’ll simply burn out or wouldn’t be motivated enough. Here, positivity and a clear visualization of your dream company comes into play.”

While working hard on his venture, Jang also started walking on the path of personal development, self belief and spirituality. As a teenager, he had a lot of self doubt and criticism deep rooted in his subconscious mind. It took a lot of work to release himself from the pressures that his own brain presented to him as a manifestation of his childhood experiences. Jang says that no matter what, positivity has to be a way of life. He also believes that action has to be accompanied by positivity. You can’t just sit around and wish the universe to get you the things you want to own. Inspired action is the key.

Mathieu Tyler Jang’s experience of channeled passion and faith has taught hundreds of his students how unwavering belief and consistent action takes you to places you didn’t know existed. Jang is one of the most authentic and accomplished marketing specialists in today’s date.

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