MayorOfDMV taking over the world of music as a true-blue musician.

His songs have been greatly received by music lovers and listeners and have been taking him forward as a promising musical talent.

The kind of success certain professionals, artists and experts have attained over the years across their respective fields is amazing. These individuals, especially youngsters, have gone above and beyond to make sure to put their best foot forward in their respective niches and take it to the next level of success. Many have been doing this in the world of music and have been stunning people worldwide with their incredible music sense, knowledge, skills and talents. We came to learn about one such highly driven and passionate artist named Sean Anwar Thomas, aka MayorOfDMV, who has been making every possible effort to change the game in music in the American music scene through his innate skills and talents.

Wondering who is MayorOfDMV? Well, this passionate man, since the very beginning, was attracted towards the idea of doing something of his own, in a field which could make him feel he belonged to, and that was the music industry. Music, according to him, is more than just a talent or art. MayorOfDMV believes that music goes much beyond all of this and has the power to change a person’s life completely. It did the same to him, and today he is living his dreams as a young musical artist who loves to work around creating his signature sound so that he stands apart from the rest.

MayorOfDMV already has to his credit songs like “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Smells Like Teen”, which have earned him an outstanding buzz and attention from music lovers. MayorOfDMV feels that his songs have been able to connect deeply with his listeners because the lyrics, music, composition, etc., all have been made relatable to the current times, which have instantaneously caught people’s attention.

MayorOfDMV’s other songs like “Hey Jude”, “Imagine”, and “Against The Law” all exude his pure love for music and his sheer talent in the artform. To know more, follow him on Instagram @mayorofdmv or check out his songs on Spotify

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