Means Malhotra Pahauja

Means Malhotra Pahauja believes in Consistency and learning new Skills

Means Malhotra Pahuja completed her schooling from DPS Mathura road after which she learnt the art of jewelry designing from JDTI as she loves diamonds!! means also got her diploma of business administration from “Latrobe University” of Melbourne.

apart from this, she has also done few print ads for fitness equipment, designers, jewellers!! she was offered daily soaps but she couldn’t settle in Mumbai as her family lives in Delhi! she has been a jury member of many events!! she is also the MD of GRAND AFFAIRS HOSPITALITY PVT. LTD(hotel and banquet business) and helps her husband in his hotel business!

means is also active socially she is a part of many kitties and NGOs!!! means is a food and travel blogger who has gained popularity not only on social media but also through media coverage on huge newspapers magazines and articles like “Delhi Times Newspaper, Zoom Delhi page-3 now, PKG newspaper, Party Whirl, Navdrishti times, Delhi Chilli, Delhi Times Night life!!!

Talking about her passion to develop so many skills means says that “I am always curious about the world and always aware of how much I still have to learn! the day I am not curious about anything will be a day I personally don’t want to see, as i” ll either be a known it all and completely deluded or my deathbed!” she adds that by learning new skills you can grow as a person, develop your knowledge base and improve yourself for the better! learning something new gets us access to new and different opportunities and the chance to try new experiences that might be the best ones we have ever tried. you could potentially earn more money in your work life from learning a new and appropriate skill or by developing one that links to the work you do. you will rejuvenate your working life and get so much more of it.

developing new skills will influence the way you do things day today and the vill make doing things quicker and easier, saving time energy and stress.

we completely agree with means because in a world where the competition is increasing every second is very important to expand past your comfort zone, increase your skills and knowledge and deepen your understanding and perception around areas you are not often exposed to.
means says she loves travelling and has been to many places across the globe. as she loves travelling she is familiar with many languages like french, german!!

she believes that if you really want to thrive in the future of work, you need to become life long learner, consistently upskilling and learning new skills too.

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