Meet Alex Temiz: Young & Renowned Stocks Trader Who Redefined The Meaning Of Trading With His Paramount Success

Nothing is Impossible for the ones who are passionate about their work, dedicated in their field, and focused. Meet Alex Temiz, a young millionaire stock trader and now founder of My Investing Club (MIC) whose charismatic success is outspread in the entire stock market.

About Alex Temiz
Alex is an experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the financial markets. He is skilled in the Stock Market, Stock Trading, Technical and Fundamental Analysis, and Financial Risk Management. He has strong business development professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Finance from Ramapo College of New Jersey.

The Beginning
Alex was always an average person whose aims are very high. He was always into Wall Street and the stock market but never thought of doing something big or investing and getting started.
He has a very crazy story to share about how he went into investing in stocks. He was in high school when he started a job in Starbucks, just trying to make extra money for his house as his dad was facing some financial struggles. He was a Barista at Starbucks, working there for like 30 hours a week. Also, he has a girlfriend then. Juggling between the money to spend on his girlfriend and managing extra money for home was a bit difficult for him. So he was trying to get some summer job or a job to help his family and spend time with his girl as well.
Unfortunately, his girlfriend dumped him and went with the guy who was a little bit richer than him. Well, this lit a fire under his butt and urged him to be rich enough. Well, this could be one kind of motivation for Alex to become richer (His motivation changed over time)

Start of Stocks Trading
There weren’t online gurus at that time to guide him. There were only a few people in the market that could motivate him. Alex was hardly 18, 19 years when his account balance was 100 bucks. He was naïve in this field and he was also not aware of how the stuff works here.
Well, initially he studied and gained ample knowledge about the smallest details in stock trading. It was a kind of romantic relationship with trading. Alex fell in love with it & wanted to try it until it worked for him.
One fine day, when Alex himself was not sure of Opening an Offshore broker as he thought he would be scammed. Alex hesitatingly shorted 2000 shares at $4 of a stock called $VGGL (It doesn’t trade anymore)
This was his first short trade ever. Within a few minutes, the stock went to $3.50.He made thousand dollars which overwhelmed him with joy. He was confident that he was good at buying the breakout and the stock tanks. This encouraged him hard to move ahead & beginners luck you can say!
It was a long way still for Alex as he doesn’t know how to read the filing, how to read charts. He just knows the basic technical analysis but there was something special he was missing there.

Parents Support
While Alex was 20, he was still attending his high school classes and working at Starbucks. He was making $100 in a day in stocks and $150 in a week in Starbucks. He used to tell his parents that he want to drop out the school. But his parents never supported him. They told him that this is gambling & you are just getting lucky. It is not going to work for longer. But Alex grew up eventually making money like $10,000 and then $30,000. His first trade made him $67,000 in one day and it was no looking back for Alex again!

About Bao: Alex’s Mentor
When Alex was invited to Vegas for a Stock market event, he was influenced by a young Asian dude Bao who was presenting his P& L calendar when he was trading. It was like 5 Red days in one year and $500k in a month. Alex was impressed with his money-making abilities. Alex was trying to be a good guy and appreciative of him being able to share his knowledge for the banners like us.
Bao & Alex shared a nice bond initially. They would be connected on Skype and share their knowledge of stocks. They trade in a similar way and share every small thing with each other. Bao was like mentoring him and Alex too was able to reverse engineer. Alex learned many rules & mantras of stock trading from Bao.
Alex explains the most valuable thing he learned from Bao, “REMAIN HUMBLE. It is an exclusive Golden rule. If you eliminate your ego and understand that you can learn something from others, which is invaluable. There are too many egoistic, arrogant peoples in the market & the market always finds a way to these humble persons. So, if continue to remain humble, the world will find a way to reward us” proudly says Alex.

Alex believes, “The key is always to DIVERSIFY! Don’t have all your eggs in one basket. Divide them up to give yourself the best odds of protection.

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