Amar Patel

Meet Amar Patel, An Entrepreneur Who Changed The Dynamics Of Nutritional Supplements Business With His Products

If there’s one name that always comes up when one talks about quality Nutritional Supplements is Amar Patel. The entrepreneur has changed thousands of lives with his dietary products that are rich in vitamins, nutrients, proteins and essential fibres required for a healthy and fit body. It has been 10 years since he ventured into this business and has been thriving well.

Patel himself is a fitness enthusiast and a consumer of dietary products. He says that vegetables do play a great role in our healthy body. However, sometimes, we need more and hence, these supplements are crucial to reach the fitness goals. In the past few years, his work and beliefs helped him connect with big companies in the world.

It was at the age of 19, Amar Patel decided to walk on his entrepreneurial journey. He was a firm believer in his work and when he started his venture, there was no looking back. From selling his products through Instagram and Facebook to now having a proper office and team working for him, Patel’s journey is inspiring to dreamers like him.

When asked about his supplement brands and manufacturing business, Amar says, “I decided to be a part of manufacturing dietary and supplements business because I wanted to provide people with great quality products and service to clients. My manufacturing contracts are currently only with INC 500 and Forbes along with companies with a brand launch budget of $500,000 USD or more.”

Last year, Amar Patel showed the world how to make the best use of having such a huge business. We all know that the medicinal and health industry rose to great heights with massive demand due to the pandemic. Patel increased the manufacturing and sale of face masks, face shields, sanitisers and nutrition supplements. It not only made consumers happy but also flourished Patel’s business with great profits.

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