Meet David Johnson, the young man who is working hard towards his goals and inspiring the youth:

The most talented and inspiring athlete of today’s generation is none other than David Johnson. You may also know him by his other names, which are Iamdjjohnson or DJ. He is from San Antonio, Texas. David is a 22 years old guy who is a full-time athlete and entrepreneur.  His current occupation is as a college basketball player, he makes connections with people he meets for work. He began playing basketball from a very young age. His father introduced him to this game. From 1st grade, he started learning about the game and gradually, he found his love and passion for it. As time passed it got clear to DJ that he is made for basketball only and he wanted to make a name for himself in this game.

David lost his father in 2005, it was a nightmare for their family. He still wears his father’s basketball jersey number in honour of his late father. David says that if his father was alive today and had seen him play then he would be very proud of DJ. He believes that no matter where he goes or what he does, his father’s blessings are always with him and his family. His mother has been a single parent since his father passed away. She continues to work hard and take care of his brothers and him.  He gets motivated by his mother.  David says that to actually chase your dreams one has to have faith in themselves and it is important to be surrounded by the right people who love and care about you.

He attributes many of his athletic successes to his coach Leroy Harley. He played under Coach Leroy in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU); a travelling basketball team. According to him, Coach Leroy was able to help him further his basketball career into college.

David Johnson’s biggest inspiration to keep going is LeBron James. He is motivated to become the best version of himself. LeBron James inspires David for the reason that he sets the example as a leader, never becoming the follower.

David Johnson always keeps trying to improve his physical skills every day, he also keeps himself better mentally and emotionally. He never lets any odds demotivate or distract him; he always finds some positivity in every situation no matter even if it’s negative. It helps him keep working for his dreams which he wants to live. Always believe in the process and continue to achieve your goals.

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