Meet Dr Russell Surasky, throwing light on the opioid crisis and the innovative and safe treatments he offers.

The topmost neurologist is gaining more momentum each day for his progressive treatments for addictions.

There were days when people were treated with medicines prescribed by doctors to help heal patients from illnesses and sickness. However, unfortunately, today, many people have got trapped with these prescriptions where they get habituated with the medications turning into addictions for them. This has increasingly become a grave issue in the US, especially, where many have become addicted to these drugs, leading to an increase in the death rates due to the implications of doctor-prescribed medications. This is certainly a sad state of affairs, says topmost neurologist Dr Russell Surasky from New York, the US.

Dr Russell Surasky serves as one of the leading neurology specialists of New York, who has gone ahead many others in the industry with his research and passion for helping heal patients suffering from these addictions. He is a double board-certified in neurology and addiction medicine. Not just that, Dr Russell Surasky is also the medical director of Bridge Back to Life, which is a multi-centre outpatient addiction treatment program and is at the forefront of the Surasky Neurological Center for Addiction in Great Neck, NY.

The ace medical doctor explains that three out of four heroin users had begun walking on the path to addiction, starting with a prescription drug from their doctor. Hence, he thought to come up with his innovative and safe treatments that can act as a remedy to this plague. Dr Russell Surasky developed one of a kind treatment program surrounding the medication Vivitrol. This is an injection to be taken monthly for reducing the cravings for opiate drugs. Unlike other medications like Suboxone and Methadone, Vivitrol is not addictive or opiate and causes no physical dependence.

He has even developed a new protocol that uses neurologic based medications for eliminating the opiate withdrawal symptoms. Dr Russell Surasky has also attained great name and recognition for his spinal treatment, where he works towards stress-reducing spinal adjustments by lowering the stress to the upper spine and the limbic system of the brain. His first consultation of patients with addictions includes detailed imaging and thermographic analysis of the upper cervical spine and provides treatments based on the results.

Today, this well-known neurologist has developed treatments that can also reverse the power of the neurological damages, which are caused by opiate. This has further given permanent recoveries to patients through his treatments. To find out more, visit his website,

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