Meet Ismail Fouad Kassem, a risk taker who made his fame on social media

While most people are afraid to go out of their havens to pursue their dreams, there are some individuals who do not hesitate to take risks and attempt to go the extra mile to reach their goals. Ismail Fouad Kassem is one of those very few people who has sacrificed quite a bit to reach financial and personal success.

Ismail Fouad Kassem, born 8th November 1981, is an Egyptian entrepreneur. He is also an author and a motivational speaker. Ismail owns a PR and events management agency in Egypt, known as ‘Amaze Projects’. Through his entrepreneurial efforts, he has successfully leveraged social media to build an empire as an influencer and has even expanded his business beyond the social media industry.

He has also authored the book “Know Your Man” which presents valuable insights and tips to all women from a man’s perspective. The book takes you in a journey into the Middle Eastern man’s mindset, showcasing how can women win his mind and heart. The author believes that women should be comfortable showing their feminine vulnerable side, keeping in mind the fact that men and women do see things through different perspectives.

Furthermore, his highly encouraged entrepreneurial skills has also been featured in many different international news sites.

Taking risks has helped Ismail create the life he once dreamed of, and he plans to continue taking calculated risks and has big business plans for the future. Ismail has begun his journey into investing into his businesses while expanding his social media presence and running his businesses. He has overcome countless obstacles to become the successful entrepreneur he is today, and hopes to inspire others by showing them that they can do anything they put their mind on, no matter where they come from or what they’ve been through. He encourages everyone with a passion for something to take risks, chase their dreams, become the best version of themselves, and live the life of their dreams.

On social media, Ismail is extremely popular, having 106k followers on Instagram. This is the reason Ismail has emerged as a major influencer who can influence a big audience of young and old people, all around the world.

Follow Ismail on Instagram @ismailfouadkassem


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